Princeton Offense: Chin Breakdown

This is the first in a basketball clinic series where we will break down the Princeton Offense and we begin with the popular Chin series. There are many variations of this play and it is ran at every level including the NBA.

Frame 1: Chin begins with a dribble weave on the strongside between the 1 and the 3 takes the handoff and dribbles back to the guard position. On the weakside, the 2 and the 4 exchange. The post fills the strongside elbow.

•Frame 2: The 3 and the 4 pass across the top as the 4 passes the ball to the 2 on the wing.

COACHES POINT: 3 does not cut off 5 until ball leaves the 4. If the 2 is denied then 4 has the opportunity to dribble at 2 for the backdoor cut.

This is the start of the screening action that makes this play successful. 5 sets a backscreen for 3 cutting to the rim for a layup then immediately goes to set a flare screen for the 4. 2 looks for 3 for the layup or the 4 man off the flare screen

• Frame 3: If the 2 has no passing options then the ball is dribbled up back to the guard spot. The 1 fills the guard spot to receive the ball. The 4 after the flare cut, finishes the cut to the rim looking for the ball, then fills the wing position vacated by 1. The 3 fills up to the wing spot.

• Frame 4: The action continues to the other side as the ball is reversed from the 2 to the 1 to the 4. The 2 makes a weakside UCLA cut off the 5 to the rim looking to score.

The continuity continues until a shot is taken or a shift to another phase.

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