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I was thankful that I played in this system and grew up the son of a basketball coach. After years of film work I was grateful for the opportunity because that meant I had the skills to analyze this great offense, create a way to make it my own and develop the most appropriate method to teach it to my players.

I spent almost a decade studying, analyzing and personalizing the Princeton Offense before running it successfully with my high school teams.

I’ve spent the time and now you can reap the benefit.

What will I learn?

  • How to use the best of your own offense and enhance it with the Princeton.
  • The basic principles for teaching the Princeton.
  • Simple X’s and O’s you can implement this year that will make your team hard to guard.
  • Which player skills must be developed so your team can execute with precision.

What will I get?

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From 1-13 to 9-5 “You Made Me Look Smart!”

“2-years ago, my team’s record was 1-13.  Last year, the record was 9-5, and I attribute that improvement to your coaching system, drills and practice plans.

The drills were simple to teach and execute.  And because the practice plans are pre-designed and organized to the minute, it took me mere minutes to prepare for each practice. 

The investment was well worth it.  You made me look smart and prepared, and you helped me to improve my team.  My frustrations virtually disappeared last season after investing in your coaching program.  And, I’m so looking forward to seeing how this season is going to pan-out because I’ll, once again, be using your coaching materials!”

-Stefan Rybak  Infant Jesus Basketball League, Boys Grade 6 Division, Team #3  Mount Sinai, New York


“Easy To Read and Understand”

“I believe the biggest reason coaches fail is we get set in our ways, these drills were easy to read and understand, and help us add new ways of teaching the same skills.”

-Dan DiFrancesco Head Girl’s Basketball Coach St. Anthony of Padua


“Keeps Basketball Exciting”

“With the organization of the plans you can quickly find the drills and/or a practice layout to match up with what you need to work on as a team.  It adds to the arsenal of training tools you have to make and keep basketball exciting, which is where learning thrives.

ITS RISK FREE – How can you beat that?”

-Phillip J. Lakers  Winston Salem, NC


“Pays For Itself Many Times Over”

“The drills were organized to easily reference when using thepractice plans. For new coaches it insures that all facets of the game are covered. For veterans it is a valuable time saving tool. If time is an issue, it pays for itself many times over.”

-Jay Ryan  Arcadia High School  Arcadia, CA


“Money Well Spent”

“Easy to follow and implement at any level.  It helped me on those days when I was looking for new ideas or struggling with what to do to motivate your team.  We went 25-2, and your plans helped to challenge the team.  Money well spent.”

-Leisa Kolberg SPSL Panthers Omaha, Nebraska

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